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I've been interested in photography for as long as I can remember.When I was younger it was always just neat to wonder how the camera worked...but as I got older, I realized I liked being behind the camera more than in front of it...some tell me that I use the camera to hide...that may be, but I still enjoy the end result. When you take a picture of someone that makes them like themselves a little more, or maybe helps them see themselves in a different way, it is worth it. My favorite subjects have always been children...every child I know loves to see a good picture of themselves, and taking the picture is a good way to show some attention and make the child feel special, plus you get the added benefit of the child not being as self conscious as an adult. It has never mattered what camera I was using...whether it was automatic or manual...I always lose myself when I am taking is my way of getting's my vacation...and when I come back to reality, I always have plenty of pictures. I hope you enjoy the pictures just to look at, but also...I hope that will let you take a little "mind vacation" too.....




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